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We help people and companies to grow


As a Swiss based company, we are experts in our core recruitment market with 20 years of international experience and part of the Connect44 Group.

We see us as the interface between attractive companies and extraordinary candidates. We offer a personal service and pride ourselves on our consultative partnership with our clients and candidates.

We are your partner for highly skilled IT professionals and Managerial staff, offering flexible solutions with temporary and permanent employees. And an international team of recruiters and candidates ensure best-in-class service.


We work with companies across all areas of industry, with a strong focus on IT corporate headquarters and related functions.

Cirrus44 expertise are within the following industries:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Consulting
  • Digital & Technology
  • Telco


Our passion is supporting Companies and individuals navigate the changing world of work. We work closely with candidates to guide, support and finding the right job opportunities for them and partner with our Clients to support their Recruitment needs by providing them with the right Talent for their roles.  



As an Employer looking to hire or a Candidate aiming to find, grow or change career, Cirrus44 offers you the expertise of a team who understand your market and your professional needs, backed by a team of experienced resources and access to local and global networks.

Being part of the Connect44 Group, our expertise not only covers Switzerland but also other European countries, having offices in many countries in Europe, together, we are confident that our teams and their expertise will help you meet your recruitment needs or job search goals.

Cirrus44 accelerates business growth and careers by intensely attracting, assessing and placing specialised candidate’s expertise in the IT & Telco sectors.

We effectively deliver in-demand talent for challenging and critical positions, enhancing the competitiveness of the organisations, people, and companies we serve.


  • 3200

    open roles
  • 140

  • 569

  • 30


  • James Rogerson <span>(Owner)</span>

    James Rogerson (Owner)

  • Jovana Malinic <span>(HR Assistant)</span>

    Jovana Malinic (HR Assistant)

  • Anca Lacatusu <span>(Recruitment Specialist)</span>

    Anca Lacatusu (Recruitment Specialist)

  • Monika Charytonowicz <span>(Recruitment Specialist)</span>

    Monika Charytonowicz (Recruitment Specialist)

  • Olger Benavides <span>(Sales and Recruitment Manager)</span>

    Olger Benavides (Sales and Recruitment Manager)

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